#8 The Return of x2

Greetings, friends! How have you been?
This is Pavel Ignatov talking.

We have been thinking a lot about the current state of Hero Masters and came to a very bold decision.
We realized that we’ve implemented many features in the game, which aren’t balanced well with each other. So we decided to make a step back, temporary turn some features off and balance the essential gameplay. When it’s done we’ll return the features we turned off.


✨This is the list of exciting changes we’re making ✨

⭐️Dungeons and Reveal features are temporary removed from the game.

⭐️There are 5 slots for heroes in the battle now instead of 4. 2 slots are front line, 3 others are back line. Melee heroes can’t attack back line until line one is eliminated.

⭐️Hero Elements are removed, so there is no Fire/Water Yoji, it’s just Yoji now.

⭐️All heroes were changed and rebalanced and we’ve added a window, where you can view all the heroes 😉

⭐️Test Arena was added. You can fight against others. Rewards for fighting in Arena will be added in upcoming releases.

⭐️During battle nothing will distract you from being fully focused on a fight, as summon and other meta features are now unaccessible.

⭐️ The x2 speed of the game is now back to the game. Woohoo! ???


That’s all for now.

➡️I personally invite you to our Twitch devtalk to discuss proposed changes.

➡️If you haven’t tried Hero Masters yet, sign up here.

Have an incredible weekend!

  1. Game name: guiecher
    Luv this game!!! Incredible!!!

  2. This game is cool but add rewards for arena :D:)

  3. x2 is both necessary and kind of problematic. It allows me to keep the game progressing but quickly burns out my energy. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, you guys are going to need to monetize if you go public and energy refills is definitely one way. I’m just hungry for more play and have to wait now for it to restore.

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