#8 The Return of x2

Greetings, friends! How have you been?
This is Pavel Ignatov talking.

We have been thinking a lot about the current state of Hero Masters and came to a very bold decision.
We realized that we’ve implemented many features in the game, which aren’t balanced well with each other. So we decided to make a step back, temporary turn some features off and balance the essential gameplay. When it’s done we’ll return the features we turned off.


✨This is the list of exciting changes we’re making ✨

⭐️Dungeons and Reveal features are temporary removed from the game.

⭐️There are 5 slots for heroes in the battle now instead of 4. 2 slots are front line, 3 others are back line. Melee heroes can’t attack back line until line one is eliminated.

⭐️Hero Elements are removed, so there is no Fire/Water Yoji, it’s just Yoji now.

⭐️All heroes were changed and rebalanced and we’ve added a window, where you can view all the heroes 😉

⭐️Test Arena was added. You can fight against others. Rewards for fighting in Arena will be added in upcoming releases.

⭐️During battle nothing will distract you from being fully focused on a fight, as summon and other meta features are now unaccessible.

⭐️ The x2 speed of the game is now back to the game. Woohoo! 🔥🔥🔥


That’s all for now.

➡️I personally invite you to our Twitch devtalk to discuss proposed changes.

➡️If you haven’t tried Hero Masters yet, sign up here.

Have an incredible weekend!

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