#7 New Story Mode

Greetings, Friends!
Pavel is back to tell you about our progress. New update of Hero Masters v0.2.1 is about to go live! Let’s look what’s waiting for you there 😉

Difficulty Selection in “Planets” window is back

1) As you were requesting and many players got stuck, honestly speaking, Difficulty Selection is now back!
Please keep in mind that the drop is higher with the growing difficulty.
2) If you lose a match in the Story, you are not going back to the previous level. So basically, after clearing a Planet on any difficulty, you’ll be able to fight only with the boss.
3) Energy price to fight a boss is now the same as any other level on a Planet.
4) The amount of experience you earn was also changed. You can earn 2-4 times more exp in Dungeons now. Yahoo!

New Story mode will show you best strategies to power up heroes

Please welcome a new Story Mode, accessible through “Quests” button. Story is a quest sequence accompanied with small stories telling you about some secrets of the game. The first story is going to tell you about the Runes and Fast Leveling. Rune Sets don’t work yet, please expect this feature to come with the next update. We are planing to have many stories like this so you could better understand the game and get some cool items. The next story will probably be about the Keepers. We are going to improve the way how Keepers work and the story will tell you about different strategies of how to win in Dungeons.

Improved look of “My Heroes” window

As a sweet bonus – we’ve improved “My Heroes” shortcut. The models are now twice bigger and you can rotate them. Some minor elements in this window were improved as well. We hope you’ll like it.

The game is still in closed beta for many countries.
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Have a Unnyful day!

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  1. Today is my first day playing and I can say I already love the game. I am currently revisiting world 1 waiting for energy to come back. One suggestion I have: an explanation for what each rune attribute actually does. What does a set of endurance actually do? What does a set of Protect actually do?

    if this already exists, I do not know where to find it. Perhaps if I tap on the name a description could appear?

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