#6 v.0.2.0 – Big Update

Hello, Friends!
This is Pavel talking 😉

We have a new update coming. We were talking a lot to you and analyzing your play style in Hero Masters, so we came to many interesting conclusions.
If you missed our latest dev talk where we discussing changes and detailed reasons behind them, you can watch it our Youtube channel.

Anyway, we have noticed that people are overestimating Idle mode of the game and spend there too much time. It’s more crticial to new users, who think that it’s the main part of the game. As you know, that’s not true, but after that conclusion they decide that the game is too slow, boring and just leave. I can understand that, because your heroes get only 20 Exp in an Idle battle. If only they went to an advanced Story, they could get 2000+ Exp for one match and face a competition, playing against powerful enemies.

There are 3 game aspects, which will merge after the update:

  1. Idle mode
  2. Story mode
  3. Player’s level and experience.

Sounds like too much, right? Let me explain you how it’s gonna work now. This is how the new main screen will look like.

New main screen look

There are 3 bars at the top:

1) Your level, name and resources – that didn’t change much.
2) Here is the Dungeon, Planet and Arena buttons.
3) Your progress on a chosen Planet.

As you can see Dungeons and Story mode were separated. Story mode is now called Planet. You have 10 Planets to explore. Planets don’t change with the player’s level anymore, Planets are connected to the story number now.

One big “Battle” button lets you start a new level with just one click. If you win a battle, you proceed to the next level, otherwise you go one level back. You can also return to any of the previous Planets to farm more resources and Exp if you got stuck somewhere.

Lets go back to the player’s level. As I said before, there is no experience anymore for your account. From now on your level equals to the amount of stars you earn from the Planets. Currently, there are 10 Planets with maximum 3 stars for each, which allows you to go up to lvl30. We’re also considering giving stars for completing Dungeons in the future, so stay tuned! 😉

As the maximum level was reduced from 100 to 30, so the maximum energy is now increased by 3 with each new level (instead of +1 for each level for the previous version).

New Planet (Story) window look. You can now see drop info 😉

Another big change is the maximum level of each Hero. It’s more like a visual change, which won’t affect the balance or your progress, so don’t worry. The general rule is that for each hero star the maximum level is multiplied by 10, so 3 star hero has maximum level 30, when 5 star hero has maximum level 50. That’s simple!

We also want to remove x2 button from the game, so the game will run something in between current x1 and x2. We need to find a good balance of speed and a good looking picture.

We are looking forward to releasing the new update soon.
Thank you for being with us and see you in Hero Masters global chat 😉

If you haven’t played the game yet – it’s the high time. Sign up on our website!

Have a good day!

  1. We also want to remove x2 button from the game, so the game will run something in between current x1 and x2. We need to find a good balance of speed and a good looking picture.

    БЫЛ ХОРОШИЙ БАЛАНС, кому не нравится играет пусть в х1, серьезно. СКОЛЬКО ИГРАКОВ халовалось на Х2? СКОЛЬКО? Не видела на форуме ни одного, с ЧЕГО ВЫ ЭТО ВЗЯЛИ?

    Убрали овермного энерги за достижения, теперь убирайтете айлд и х2, игра перестает быть фритуплей? серьезно? а где это ваше ” делаем игру вместе с игроками “? Уже перестаю верить…

    1. Спасибо большое за то что переживаешь так сильно за будущее игры, я вижу что вы с Пашей уже прекрасно общаетесь на волнующие темы на форуме. Прикреплю ссылку чтобы другие люди тоже смогли поучаствовать в общей дискуссии.

      Thank you very much for being concerned about the future of the game. I see that you’re already having a conversation with Pasha regarding mentioned topics. I will leave a link to the topic so other people could join the discussion.


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