#5 All the way down from White Nights conference

Hello, wonderful community!
Today, Margarita will be talking about what was happening to Unnyhog team during the last week.

While Andrei (CTO) and Pavel (game designer) were working on cool features which will eventually bring us closer to adding PvP mode in the game (spoiler), Pavel (CEO) and Margarita (me) went on a trip to St. Petersburg.
Besides the fact that it’s a wonderful touristic city worth visiting (if you ever consider coming to Russia) in game industry circles it’s famous for holding a B2B gaming conference, called White Nights.

Margarita is always happy to tell about our new game

If you’re passionate about games you should definitely go there. Don’t worry, you don’t have to speak Russian, because most people (surprisingly for me) speak English and you could easily get along with people there.
This event gathers mostly European gaming scene but there are representatives of other regions, so the conference itself can be called global without any doubts. This is a short list of attendants: Apple, Facebook, Flaregames, NetEase, IGN, Game Insight, VK, Social Quantum and etc.

Pavel was caught red handed by the coffee table instead of showcasing the game at our booth

Anyway, for me and Pavel, those 3 days spent at White Nights were kinda recharging and positive, because we were able not only to showcase the game to the audience, give away swag (chocolates, stickers and flyers baby:) and have a small break from working heads down from home and that’s hell important if you want to maintain overall productivity and sanity (ajajaj).
But… we had a lot of meetings with publishers, investors and key gaming industry figures who are shaping the gaming industry on this side of the world.

Yet, it’s quite early to tell how exactly all this networking will affect the future of Unnyhog, but I strategically hope that it will be a positive shift, resulting in a flying unicorn someday in the future. Because, even if you don’t see it now, maintaining healthy relationship eventually pays off in a growing network of people who could become your partners, employees or players.

Sign up to Hero Masters and lets start growing a friendly community of people passionate about games together!

P.S. If you don’t believe my post, here is the video to convince you 🙂

That’s all for this week!
Much love from me and the rest of the Unnyhog team.

Remember, I’m always here to help

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