#3 Event: Traveler Yoji

Greetings, UnnyFriends!

This is me – Pavel Ignatov, the CEO of Unnyhog. How have you been?

We have new update for you today 0.1.7, which brings tons of new features. I’m here to cover most of them in this article.

1) First event ever: Traveler Yoji

Complete event daily tasks to get rewards and earn Blue Stones. Blue Stones can be exchanged for greater rewards!

The event is going to last for 3 weeks and ends on July 9. The same day the next event of Akia starts.

2) The game is finally going to have chat. I personally was working on it’s design, so I hope you’ll like it 😉

3) Many new products were added to the store


– You can purchases EXP Boosts and your Heroes will earn twice of the experience. You can acquire the same boosts from events as well.

– Summon Packs have many Gems, Aqvium and, which is more important, Dark & Light Scrolls!

– Aqvium Packs have tons of Aqvium, along with some Gems and Energy.

4) All Bosses were rebalanced and now you have to use different strategies for each of them.

Join our forum to discuss the strategies!

5) You can read about other smaller changes in my previous article: http://unnyhog.com/pages/2694

If you haven’t tried Hero Masters yet, definitely sign up here!

Stay tuned for the next blog post!

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