#2 0.1.7 Update is coming soon

Hello Unnyfriends,

This is Pavel again. How have you been?

I hope you liked our Twitch stream last Saturday. For us it was very fun. Don’t forget that we’ll have the same podcast every Saturday at 6pm (GMT+3 – Moscow time). If you missed it, you can watch it on our youtube: https://youtu.be/zeLFbplMGUM

In a meantime, I wanted to give you some insights on the features we are working on right now.

1) Power-Up window was improved and now shows how much experience you’ll get.

2) Sounds volume now can be changed in the settings window

3) Camera position for all Bosses was improved and now it looks that Big HP bar actually belongs to the Boss.

4) Escape(for PC) and Back(for Android) buttons now work as they expected to. Please enjoy 😉

5) Quests progress was returned and now visible.

6) Finally you’ll get a global chat. Don’t forget to create a UnnyNet account inside of the game to get an access to the chat.

7) Optimizations is one of the tasks we are working on right now. No one likes when a game drains his battery on the phone.

8) We are also working on the Events system, which were covered in the podcast. I’ll tell you more about Events next Monday right before the update 0.1.7.

That’s all for today! Have a joyful week and..
Don’t forget to sign up to play Hero Masters on Steam and Android;)




  1. Thats nice cuz i have to go into windows mixer to mute or volume down the game sounds

  2. Спасиб за чат :3

  3. Glad you guys are enjoying new features!

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