HM #1 A start of something new

Hello, UnnyFriends.

As many of you might know, we had to close our UnnyWorld game because of financial difficulties. We know that it was hard for you, but it was even harder for us. You can read more on our forum about that.


I truly believe that in the future we’ll rethink and relaunch UnnyWorld, but for now we had to focus on our new game Hero Masters.

Hero Masters is an idle battler taking place in a fantasy world. As UnnyWorld was closed, all inhabitants, like famous Yoji and Akia, are going to live in Hero Masters now. Hero Masters is based in the same universe, using the same heroes and the story. Upon joining Hero Masters, you’ll finally learn who Evee is and what is she doing in this world. You’ll have a chance to fight her many times, learn about the world of Unny from a different angle and have a chance to change the story!


We are going to develop this game with the help of our friendly community. Right now is the best time to join us and help us to make one of the best games, which will make all of us proud once it’s released!

Sign up for beta and help us improve the game now!


What is waiting for you in 0.1.6:

1) Experience gained from Power-Ups was increased by 60%

2) Two material heroes were added: Spirit and Mascot. You can find them as a loot or purchase them.
You can’t use Material or Boss heroes in battles. If anyone got Ice Queen Boss by accident in the past, you can’t activate her anymore.

3) Abilities description was improved.

4) Energy recovery problem was fixed.
5) Bosses difficulty was changed. Now they are much more easy to win.

6) Hard mode for Story was added with an improved drop.

7) Now you can upgrade each of your Runes to improve it’s bonuses.

8) Energy required to enter a story level was reduced.

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