We all at Unnyhog are passionate game developers, who are huge fans of games like Counter Strike, World of War Craft, League of Legends. Since we’re kids, we always wanted to be a part of game development industry. Before creating this startup some of us used to build apps and games for production in other companies, but initially we all went through technical universities with a strong desire to apply our knowledge in digital entertainment. Giving people digital happiness makes our hearts beat faster.

Two of our co-founder – Pavel and Andrei, have known each other since school. They used  to play WoW together. Margarita and Pavel met each other, while they’re both working at Game Insight in Moscow. After delivering the project, Pavel offered Margarita to join him and Andrei. By that time Unnyhog already had 3 released games, but 3 co-founders started to work on a brand new game at the beginning of 2014. This game is now released globally and is known as UnnyWorld.

The story of UnnyWorld is a period of 3 years, which includes working from home having only personal savings, going through FLat6Labs and Y Combinator business accelerators , being supported by K-Startup Grand Challenge and Startup Chile governmental grants and being invested in by TwoFour54 and angel investment.

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