Feel real mobile joy

Summon ultimate magic by drawing runes on the screen of the device

Game works offline

Complete levels without being connected to the Internet

Evolve more than 350 heroes

Find a perfect combination of collected heroes and watch them fight for you

Hero Masters

Hero Masters is an idle battler taking place in a fantasy world.
Find the way out from an infinite number of farthest planets and darkest dungeons with the help of collected heroes which you evolve throughout the game.
Put a perfect combination of heroes and unleash their magic powers by drawing symbols on the screen of the device to defeat rivals, destroy universal evil
and reach the shores of a perfect world.
Fame, glory and treasures are waiting for those who dare to come.



-Dive into fun and exciting gameplay, wrapped in a cartoon style fantasy universe;
-Unlock and evolve more than 350 heroes;
-Feel extreme mobile joy: “Swipe to summon a dragon”;
-Play on the go. Access the game without Internet;
-Rich RPG gameplay. Outsmart your rivals by evolving your heroes;
-Easy going gameplay: take a break and watch your heroes fight for you.

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