Thank you and Happy New Year

Good day, dear gamers!

We, at Unnyhog, must admit, 2016 has been an incredible for us. After spending 2 years on the development, we managed to launch UnnyWorld on mobile platforms for Malaysian market. It was a point where actually everything started for us, because, UnnyWorld stopped to be just a codebase and pile of visual assets. It became a growing community of people, like you, who are living in and fighting for the fantasy universe… and most importantly together.

All this time we were watching closely what is happening in the game and in the mid of 2016 we started to make some radical changes to the planet system.

And, finally, we wrapped this year by launching UnnyWorld on Facebook Gameroom, which allowed us to spread UnnyWorld almost around the globe on PC. You can start playing the game right now in a matter of minutes. Happy New Year

How cool is that :) Gradually, step by step, the game is truly becoming cross platform. Not to mention that we’re updating the game on a short time basis. For example, the previous update brought daily quests to the game and new year’s skins for characters with a 50% discount.

If you missed all these announcements, go to our blog and read the corresponding article.

Even more epic features are coming in the next year. Read this post on our official forum to find out what to expect pretty soon.

Anyway, the Unnyhog team wishes you a Happy New Year: May the force be with you :)

Thank you all for being with us. We hope that our game brings joy to your life. It’s one of the reasons why we’re making games.

P.S. If you wish to play UnnyWorld on mobile, sign up on the game's official website.


Flat6Labs, TwoFour54 and YC invested in Unnyhog

Few of you might know what’s happening with Unnyhog and our current project - UnnyWorld. Today, we’re ready to share with you that after 2 years of development Unnyhog has raised $360k and now it’s participating in YC W16 acceleration program in Mountain View, CA.

With a great support of our investors (Flat6Labs, TwoFour54, YC) mentors (a special thanks to Yannick Theler of Ubisoft Abu Dhabi, Vince Ghossoub of Falafel Games, Michael Seibel and Justin Kan of YC) and the Unnyhog’s team, UnnyWorld was soft-launched in Malaysia and now it’s being tested and updated on a weekly basis. It’s available on Google play for the mentioned country. As a big upcoming update for the next week we’re releasing an iOS version of the game.

Thank all of you for you support and belief in us as a team.

Investment news about Unnyhog on Venture Beat

Dive in a fantazy of UnnyWorld

UnnyWorld - is an MMO game which takes the best from League of Legends and Clash of Clans and allows PC and mobile users to play together. It brings you a fantasy world, where each player gets a tiny planet and character who appears on that planet. The goal of the game is to evolve the planet and character by building different constructions and fighting with other players in real time in arenas. To convey the dynamic battles, we’ve developed gesture control system, which substitutes ordinary screen buttons. To cast all spells you just need to tap, swipe or draw different symbols.


UnnyWorld - crossplatform MMO


We are happy to announce that we are openning our next game to community.

The game now is in closed Alpha stage, and we are working very hard to give you an early access. Check out our landing page and blog.

Landing page


We are going to share a lot of interesting information about the proccess of our game creation.

Stay tuned.