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Greetings, Friends! Pavel is back to tell you about our progress. New update of Hero Masters v0.2.1 is about to go live! Let’s look what’s waiting for you there 😉 1) As you were requesting and many players got stuck, honestly speaking, Difficulty Selection is now back! Please keep in mind that the drop is...
Hello, Friends! This is Pavel talking 😉 We have a new update coming. We were talking a lot to you and analyzing your play style in Hero Masters, so we came to many interesting conclusions. If you missed our latest dev talk where we discussing changes and detailed reasons behind them, you can watch it...
Hello, wonderful community! Today, Margarita will be talking about what was happening to Unnyhog team during the last week. While Andrei (CTO) and Pavel (game designer) were working on cool features which will eventually bring us closer to adding PvP mode in the game (spoiler), Pavel (CEO) and Margarita (me) went on a trip to...
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